Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Instructions - Importing a cache from

1.  Go to the “Downloads” tab.

2.  Select the bookmark “”

3.  Log in to (you do NOT need a premium account to import LOC files just create a free account).

4.  Press the Bookmarks button in the bottom right hand corner and select “”

5.  You will see a list of caches near you.  Select a geocache and then click the button “LOC waypoint file”.

6.  You will get a notice that the Geocache has been imported.  You can then view it in the list and on your map.  If you select it from the list you can also use the compass feature.

NOTE:  You can also import the whole page of geocaches at once.  From the "geocaches near me" page at the bottom right there is a button for “Check all”.  You then have to type in the printed word they give you and then click “Download Waypoints”.

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